We love having Steve as our resident CGI Guru. His quality, creativity and value for money ensures that we’ve continued to keep our property industry clients happy over the last ten years. However there has been the odd occasion when we can’t always respond to clients’ urgent CGI requests due to his increasingly heavy workload. We had just such an issue recently where we needed a dozen very complex CGI’s in a hurry and didn’t want to upset our existing clients by delaying their projects. But we enjoy a challenge and being resourceful we managed not only to find a great solution to the tight deadlines, but we’re now in a position to expand our CGI services to clients.

Just to put you in the picture, over the past couple of months we’ve been involved in a very hush-hush mixed-use scheme in Asia – more of which will be revealed shortly. For master planning purposes we needed some stunning CGI’s and with Steve snowed under at the time, we looked elsewhere for additional resource. Initially we looked in the UK but were quoted some unbelievable prices that the client couldn’t justify – even on a large GDV scheme like this. As luck would have it, an ex colleague introduced us to a lovely lady called Brenda and her team of world-class CGI developers based in Guangzhou. We’ve always been a bit sceptical about ‘going overseas’ however we’ve been absolutely blown-away with the quality of work produced by Brenda’s team.

Anyway, here are some of the images from the recent project. We think the quality speaks volumes and hope you like them too! And whilst they may not be the cheapest, given the incredible level of quality, we feel they represent genuine value for money compared to ‘London’ CGI specialists.

If you’ve got any similar CGI projects, large or small, and would like us to quote then please get in touch.

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