This year we’ve been extremely busy working on re-branding projects for housebuilders, architects, construction companies and a very cool serviced office provider. On every project there’s been a real desire by our clients to include some form of foil blocking – not just the standard silver and gold metallics but we’ve seen a real move to incorporate reds, whites and even black on black paper! In fact with the creative boundaries of foil blocking being pushed all the time, the possibilities are almost endless. We’ve been asked a lot of questions about foiling recently and thought it might be nice to share a little information on the subject from our lovely friends at Benwells.


Foil Facts

Foil blocking is the process of applying metallic or ‘foil’ effects to a surface. It uses a metal die – like a stamp – onto which the design is chemically etched or crafted by hand from supplied artwork. Dies are made from various metals and can be either ‘flat’ (foil only) or ‘combination’ (foiling and embossing done in one pass).

The technique produces effects which are practically impossible to achieve using traditional ink printing. Foils are available in a variety of finishes, including gloss, matt and satin. Along with standard gold and silver, you can choose from many other metallic colours. Some foils do have restricted uses, so please check with us first.


Fascinate with foil

Foil blocking can transform conventionally printed materials and make them shine. Stationery, business cards, greetings cards, certificates, promotional items, invitations, packaging and a whole host of other products can all benefit from its magic touch. It is also possible to foil block on to leather, plastic, and a number of other surfaces. Do chat with us at the concept stage of your project, so that we can advise you on the most appropriate way of achieving your designs.

And, despite the effort of producing specific dies for each job, foil blocking can be very economic for short run printing. You won’t have to spend a million to look a million dollars!